J-Live “As I Start (Over)” (Video)

“The original “As I Start” is the intro skit to J-Live’s latest album “S.P.T.A. Said Person of That Ability”. On “As I Start (Over)”, J revisits the track with a verse to bring people up to speed on things. The video was shot and edited in its entirety at J’s home studio in Decatur, GA. In addition, what you’re witnessing is footage of the actual recording of the song.”

The Black Opera “Monsters & Robots”

“Message from Mello Music Group:
The artist collective known as The Black Opera continues to expand it’s consciousness – this time releasing both an audio demonstration and a video game for the song “Monsters & Robots” produced by Astronote. Play the game and share to unlock a free download. All of this in anticipation of the physcial manifestation of the critically acclaimed project “EnterMission.”

Message from THE BLACK OPERA:
Those familiar with The Black Opera know that WE encourage any & all to Enter: Act with US. Whether it be Sonically, through Social Media, or through Live Demonstrations. Now WE present to YOU a New Way, through video game play with OUR new timeless game “Monsters & Robots”. Those not familiar with TBO can still enjoy this digital world WE have created in game form, for YOUR visual & audio pleasure.”

Play the game HERE

The Holy Order (Sene, ScienZe, YC The Cynic, & Soul Khan) “The Holy Order” (Prod. By Audible Doctor)

Complex.com premiered the 1st single from the newly formed group The Holy Order (Sene, Scienze, YC The Cynic & Soul Khan). The track “The Holy Order” is off their upcoming EP and is produced by The Audible Doctor. Check out the premier HERE Download the track HERE