IV the Polymath “side a // side b”


This shit is DOPE…support this man!

side a // side b is a 2-song instrumental cassette that features C.R.E.A.M. on the A-Side & “007″ on the B-Side. Both reinterpreted tracks are performed by IV the Polymath without the use of any samples. Also included in the digital download is a super secret bonus track that blends the C.R.E.A.M. & 007 tracks together as one unique work.

Endemic “Quarantine” Mixtape


Endemic releases “Quarantine” a prelude mixtape to his sophomore album “Terminal Illness Part 2”. The set features guest appearances from Tragedy Khadafi, Top Dog [OGC], Supreme, Ruste Juxx, Ill Bill, Tristate, Sha Stimuli, Cyrus Malachi, M9, Phoenix da Icefire, Tesla’s Ghost, Ray Vendetta, Hell Razah & More.Hard Hitting from the outset “Quarantine” showcases quality production coupled with sublime rhymes from underground favorites.