Born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin The Audible Doctor fell in love with music at a very young age. As a child he spent countless hours with his toy keyboard on the kitchen floor playing what he called his “muget” (music), that same drive and passion has followed him through the years. His parents recognized his talent early on and tried to nourish it by finding outlets for him to learn and grow musically. Piano lessons gave way to joining the city choir which gave way to guitar lessons and so on until Audible Doctor finally found his own niche with Hip Hop.

Introduced to Hip Hop through his older brother The Audible Doctor instantly became infatuated and knew it was something he wanted to be a part of. By his sophomore year in high school he began collecting records and DJing at friends parties, school dances, and anywhere he had the opportunity. Equipping his room with two 15″ speakers (that the neighbors across the street complained of when their walls started shaking), Audible Doctor would often have friends over for DJ sessions in his bedroom. After the purchase of a $15 Radio Shack microphone those DJ sessions became full on freestyle sessions with DJs and Emcees taking turns on the turntables and the mic. Later, when The Audible Doctor got his hands on a digital 4-track recorder he began writing rhymes, making beats, and recording himself and other local artists.

After graduating high school in 2002 The Audible Doctor moved from his hometown of Madison to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to attend college hoping the larger city would provide a better music scene but after a year at the university he decided he needed more. The following fall he packed his bags and moved to New York to attend an Audio Engineering & Recording school in Manhattan. After graduating from the school he began interning at the world famous Fat Beats Records store in Manhattan where he met his fellow group members and they formed The Brown Bag AllStars. The creation of The Brown Bag AllStars marked the beginning of a new chapter in The Audible Doctor’s music career. He became more serious about releasing projects and continued to sharpen his live performance with the group. In the next 6 years while recording and performing he worked his way to the position of buyer and manager of the Fat Beats New York store where he met many of the artists he has collaborated with. Being the force behind the legendary store front put The Audible Doctor in the center of a thriving music scene and he poured that inspiration and knowledge into every project.

In 2010 The Audible Doctor moved on from Fat Beats to pursue music full time and he continues to release projects with his group The Brown Bag AllStars as well as solo projects and collaborations with other artists.

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